• This is a famous image of Beethoven in a dark suit and red scarf.
  • This picture shows Murray Perahia seated at a grand piano. He is holding a Henle Urtext edition of Beethoven's Piano Sonata op. 31
  • Here is a picture of the historic building where the masterclass takes place.

    The Masterclass

    This course, exclusively sponsored by G. Henle Verlag in honour of the unmatched composer Ludwig van Beethoven, is dedicated to young professional pianists who wish to receive advice and guidance from one of the world’s leading international concert pianists.
    Murray Perahia not only ranks among the very most famous piano players in the world, he is especially renowned for his musical interpretation and knowledge of Beethoven’s piano works. Murray Perahia, in conjunction with G. Henle Verlag, is the editor and musical advisor for Henle’s new complete Urtext edition of all 32 Beethoven sonatas.
    Students of the Murray Perahia Piano Masterclass will have the exclusive opportunity for in-depth study of a chosen movement from any one of Beethoven’s piano sonatas, with the exception of op. 49 and op. 79.
    Each student will have a 45-minute public teaching session one-on-one with Maestro Perahia.
    Tickets for the public (masterclass and final lunch concert) will be available from April 1, 2020.

    Perahia Masterclass by G.Henle Verlag

    Dates and Location

    The masterclass will be held in: MUNICH (GERMANY) FROM JUNE 25 – 28, 2020, in the historical setting of the Schloss Fürstenried on the Southern outskirts of the city. The venue is a picturesque palace with surrounding park, dating from the 17th century. The masterclasses and performances take place in the main building, accommodations are provided in the building annex, and are free of charge for the chosen participants. We kindly ask the participants to schedule their arrival for Thursday, June 25, before 14:00h and schedule their departure for the early evening of Sunday, June 28 at the earliest.

    Rules of Participation and Conditions

    Professional pianists and conservatory students between the age of 16 (born before June 24, 2003) and 26 (born after June 24, 1994) may apply for the masterclass. Students of all nationalities may apply, but they are required to have fluency in speaking and understanding English language.

    Per invited active participant the Masterclass includes:

    a) Lessons: 1 lesson (of 45 minutes) with Maestro Murray Perahia. The lessons schedule will be given during the Opening Ceremony or upon arrival.

    b) Apart from the application fee of 50 Euros the masterclass is free of charge.

    G. Henle Verlag will reimburse travel costs for economy flight or train up to 500 Euros. Accommodation is provided free of charge for up to 4 nights (breakfast and lunch included) in the hotel annex of the Schloss Fürstenried in single and double bedrooms with en-suite shower. Hotel and travel for accompanying person not included.

    c) Practice facilities: rooms with pianos are provided so that participants can practice every day. The practice schedule will be determined after the class schedule is finalized.

    d) The students will give a lunch concert on the closing day, June 28, 2020. The presence of all participants is required.

    e) An International Masterclass Participation Certificate will be given to all active participants.

    Acceptance Process

    Applicants must submit the completed Masterclass Application Form. E-Mail correspondence should be directed to Beethoven2020@henle.de.

    • The applicant will make a video recording of his/her performance of one movement from a Beethoven piano sonata of his or her choice (op. 49 and 79 are excluded). This does not necessarily have to be the movement that will later be the subject of the course. The video will include a spoken statement (see instructions for uploading the application video).

    • The applicant will make a video of a short piece of his/her own choice (modern compositions and French music are not preferred).

    A jury comprised of three jurors will pre-select up to 20 candidates. The final selection of participants will be made by Maestro Perahia himself. The decision of the judges and the Maestro are final. Further explanation about selection of participants will not be forthcoming.

    The closing date of the application is at 23:59 h Central European Time (CET) on February 29, 2020. All applicants will be informed by the end of March 2020.

    Members of the Jury

    University of Music and Performing Arts Munich

    G. Henle Verlag, Munich

    Mozarteum University Salzburg

    Masterclass Jury