• This is a famous image of Beethoven in a dark suit and red scarf.
  • This picture shows Murray Perahia seated at a grand piano. He is holding a Henle Urtext edition of Beethoven's Piano Sonata op. 31
  • Here is a picture of the historic building where the masterclass takes place.
    Perahia Masterclass by G.Henle Verlag

    How to Apply

    The application process involves three steps:

    • Uploading the required videos
    • Completing the application form
    • Payment of the application fee

    Application Form

    Please complete this form online and send. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours. Due to a random technical error some application forms do not reach us. Should you not be contacted within 48 hours, please send an e-mail directly to beethoven2020@henle.de, and we will ensure that your application is processed.


    The application fee is 50 Euros. Application is not valid until the application fee has been paid (you will receive confirmation). The application fee is non-refundable

    Please pay the fee to Beethoven2020@henle.de via Paypal.
    If Paypal does not operate in your country, please contact us directly via beethoven2020@henle.de.
    We will inform you about alternative payment methods.

    Instructions for Uploading the Application Video

    Following are the instructions for uploading your application video. Depending on which country you live in, you might have difficulties uploading a video on YouTube, and the application form cannot be sent. In this case please contact us via beethoven2020@henle.de for alternative instructions.


    What every participant needs to know about his/her YouTube video:


    Privacy settings: When you upload the video to YouTube, you should select “Unlisted”. More information about uploading your video can be found in the “Help” section on the YouTube homepage.


    We do not expect a professional video.
    Video editing forbidden: The video must not be edited in any way and must run continuously from beginning to end.


    The pianist’s head, arms and hands must be clearly visible on the video. Best of all is a fixed camera position showing them at all times.


    The performance recorded for the video entry must be acoustic and not amplified or altered electronically in any way. The only microphone(s) used should be for recording. General tips can be found in the “Help” section on the YouTube website.


    The pianist should behave in the video as if performing in front of an audience.
    The video can either be shot at home, at (music) school, in a recital hall or any other place where there is a suitable piano.


    One of the videos must begin with a personal introduction by the applicant, stating, in English language, his/her name, country of origin, current occupation and personal incentive for applying to the course. An example can be viewed here.


    The videos for the Masterclass application must be titled as follows on YouTube: “Murray Perahia Masterclass Beethoven 2020 [First and last name of the pianist]”; all words should be separated by a space, e.g. “Murray Perahia Masterclass Beethoven 2020 Jane Turner”.